Fineman Absolute Minimum Tax System™

The Fineman Absolute Minimum Tax System™

Saving Clients Significant Tax Dollars

Out of his passion for minimizing taxes and providing tremendous value to the firm’s clients, Bob Fineman has founded and developed the Fineman Absolute Minimum Tax System™. Many people leave large amounts of money on the table for the IRS, and we have solutions for you.  This system is designed to create a tax strategy for our clients that will maximize all possible tax deductions which you are entitled to, resulting in greater savings to you while meeting your obligations to the IRS. This system even gives you tips on how to reduce your tax preparation fees!

After many years of working very closely with clients and reviewing their prior year tax returns, Bob realized that most taxpayers do not know what is allowable and deductible under the Internal Revenue Code, and most do not understand the value of tax planning. This unique, non-duplicable system is designed for clients to pay the absolute minimum tax while meeting all obligations to the tax authorities. It was developed over a number of years and is constantly updated for new changes in the tax laws. The system is thoroughly designed to uncover all deductions and develops unique tax saving strategies available within the tax laws. Utilizing this system, in some cases we are able to amend as much as the last 3 years’ tax returns in order to obtain significant refunds.

What we need from you:

  • Strong interest in significant tax savings
  • Your total cooperation in answering our extensive questions designed to uncover deductions you are entitled to
  • Interest in tax advice
  • Willingness to do strategic tax planning
  • Accurate tracking of expenses

Who will benefit from the Fineman Absolute Minimum Tax System:

  • Business owners
  • Businesses  (all types of entities)
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Highly compensated individuals
  • High income individuals

Sample comments and questions we have received from clients:

  • “Why didn’t my previous accountant ever ask me these questions?”
  • “Why didn’t I ever know these expenses are deductible?”
  • “You are right, you ask a lot of questions, but it was really worth it!”

Call today to find out how you can qualify for the Fineman Absolute Minimum Tax System and start your savings today.

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